Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bonus for Government Servants

Yesteday prime minister had announce that all government servants will get 50% bonus or at least RM 500 in the middle of this months. Oh this is a very good news for them especially when Hari Raya is coming. Even Quepacs also thanks the prime minister for those bonus. Lets imagine if you or me are the person who get those Bonus =) i will smile big for this entire days. Hehehe.

After all, at least Bonus reduce some of burden for those people who really need it. Good for them. But for others, lets think that ours (Rezeki) will come later.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creative Light Pre Wedding | Putrajaya

Today is another stepping stone in my blog. I had created this blog since 2007 when i first started to write article and report about my running season. I was a runner for few years and it stop when i change my status to become a husband and now as a father.
A long long story to tell but i want to divert back to the topic mention above.

Dayah is one of my schoolmate back in 2000. I have only found her back in Facebook and she had decided to take me as her official wedding photographer. Initially she plan to getting married on next year but i don't know what happened (maybe due to her family discussion) she decide to getting married on September 2011 after Raya.

Because she hired me for all 3 events, i decided to give her free Pre-Wedding session and she can actually decide where she want to go. She call me and told that she want to have a picture of sunset theme and i suggested her to go to Putrajaya. This is one of the place that can get better sunset picture.

While I'm ready with all the tools needed such as portable flash which can do Off camera and wide lens etc, we go there earlier and wait for the sunset. While waiting, we take a few shots and make her comfortable with me and her pose.

After getting the right timing and few test shoots, this is what we get on that day.

Overall, we was very satisfied with the result and the picture. I cannot wait to shoot and give the best service on their wedding day.Oh not to forgot just to give you simple tips that i used to get those picture:

1. Flash is 45degree from subject
2. Iso set to either 100 or 200
3. Shutter not too low (50s is still ok, depends on your hand)
4. Try to get the best composition and take few shots try n error but bear in mind that golden hour can last only for few minutes not hours

If you have more tips can also share with me here =)