Friday, July 4, 2008

2008 target???

almost forgot already that i've set the timing target for races..hehe
emmm now its time to revise back the target since it almost halfway of the year..
i think the 5k target is tooo far from my curren performance..
hm..its bettter to have 20 min la equal to 4min pace
the 10k is ok and i have to workhard a bit to cut 1 min from the pr time which was 49..

hmm..the 15k and 21k its ok and hmmm..when i want to race half this year??
better find out the answer..huhu

Klang 10k Result

actuallly this race is new route. not same as the Klang Pacer race and it almost flat along the way..

due to lack of training and makan banyak then i just ran this race without the pia spirit huhu

this the fren timing:

40'46 - Gunaselan Rajagopal, Pm39 (17th)
44'32 - Suresh, Pm47 (23rd)
45'29 - Saiful Azri, Pm45 (35th)
45'58 - Mohd Azali, Pm46 (00th)
47'04 - Ahmad Farid (00th)
47'10 - Omar Khaliff Tajaruddin (00th)
47'14 - Hailmi Masro (53rd)
47'38 - Zulhasnan (57th)
48'20 - Hasrul Sham Saidi (61st)
48'42 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (65th)
49'57 - Nazib Ngainin, Pm14 (72nd)
50'00 - Afad (76th)
55'06 - Stevem Khoo