Thursday, March 27, 2008

Masum 2008-report..

just wanna say..masum 2008 = nightmare..i was beaten 3 laps for 5k event and many2 laps for timing was as i expect..not enough training and motivation was drop and now i just can concentrate for my study as i am in the final i know what level am no not give hard to take the lose but i am learning with all the race that i better not to cakap byk..must train hard next time..

my result:

5k=23 min (unofficial)
10k=50 min (unofficial)

Masum 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taper Time..

im really scared now..having a taper and low my mileage..i dont think my training is good enaugh.. :(

i just do a little jog and do some strech..avoid any serious activity so i can relax all my leg also beware in my diet, avoid taking too much carbo..i really dont know is it working or not but im trust this taper for my self..

hope it will work..<:inserted my scared face here:>


Thursday, March 6, 2008

What waiting me next wekeend??

Sukan MASUM will be held a week from now..what the shock news that i heard this evening just before make my leg shaky like jelly because i didn't think my training is good enough to compete next week!

i don't know what level i am now..but to target gold medal is just too far from my form now..i must accept that the reality timing for my event now is 18 min..that i never done it in my life..i just can dream it every night before i sleep...

although there are many reason that i can put here, there are all demotivate better i just write the positive way of thinking that that i can used until the D-Day..haha

my target for this race = 19min
my target for next year race(if i can continue my study) = <18min

i hope can further my study here so that i can concentrate with running and also get an allowence 1.3k for the research..hahha
by now, every nite i must get dreaming of winning the 5k race title..

and surely my motivation word:

"run until u can't run anymore because the ambulance always waiting for u..this is ur show go all out!!"

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Life just like the wheel..

2nd time got cramp kat perut after Subang 10k..aiyak..

Jogathon UTeM-Race Day

Upward wheel.
I have very high confidence to finish this race on top 10 because I can count by my hand that the student which have better endurance than me. So I just target to get the better timing which sub 50 min for 11km and also win the hamper(actually hamper is given till 30pos hehe). So I didn’t bother bout the present and just focus on timing.

After analyze the track which used for the race, I decide to make the race into two split. One is on 6km mark for 28min and then another 5km for 22min since my record was 22min for 5k. started the race with a good moderate pace and after about 1km I sayur all the girl student. I was in 10 position by 2km and steadily pickup the pace.

At 3km there were hills to face and I didn’t have much problem with that due to my hill training. I was good till 4km and can see there just 3 people in front of me. Wah! Im in 4th positon..hehe..this is good I managed to control my breath and also my pace.

Downward wheel.
This is the turnover situation. The wheel that I was on the top was turn and I drop to stay at the low stage..haha..sadis2..start from 3rd hills my stomach feel not comfortable and feel pain when I try to push my pace. So I decide to slow a bit and control the pace.
My timing for the first 6km was on the target which 28:16..yes I still on the road to make good timing.

After 400m, the pain still there and my pace even slower!huhu..i struggle hard with this situation..leg want to go fast but the pain is much I just let 3-4 people sayur me and give them sign to go first.

My motivation is drop and I know that my mission I just play with the good mind setting and I say that runner is not I quiter..what ever situation that I had, I must completed the race and if I want to drop I drop after the finishing line!

The last 200m the cheer lady were there to cheer up the finisher runner but im not cheer up. I just want to cross the finish line. I don’t want to look at my timing..after get the pos number I go to get my bag at my gf and get feel very2 frustrated because cannot achieved my target. Feel like all my training didn’t work.huh..

After take the prize giving and makan2..finally I look onto my timing..the second split time was 27min..em???just 5 min from my target??huhu..its ok rupenyer..hehe..

Upward wheel lucky and happy because I got better hamper than the 4th placing hamper..wahahhaha..the 4th placing hamper just a towel but my hamper got towel and 2000ml outer space bottle!!hahha..hahaha..hahaha..