Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nuang Trip photo..part one

the obstacles..
all for one-one for all..

relax at the first pit-stop..

aiya..why both of u very lambat..macam kura-kura

eh??where's everbody??left me behind ka??

the journey begins..huhu

please write ur name here..hehe

setting the pack before enter the nuang track..huhu

checking the walkietalkie..

having breakfast together...

Gunung Nuang TRip..

last sunday..our klang group and bata group went to the gunung nuang which located in hulu langat near the sungai gabai..huhu..it take an hour to go there...i dono the height of the mount that we climb but we dont reach the top..we just arrive till the pacat camp because all the climbers not enough energy haha..mostly all the bata group was a first timer to climb..so half-way is one achievement also sincce the road is very tough..

the road is actually begin with a simple way but turn into hard when getting higher..with all the support from the others all of group member reach the kem pacat almost 1pm and get some rest before return back..there also many obstacles that was very challengging which we must used our mental and physical to acrros the obstacles..

on the way back, we get some rest at the river..very nice place and all of the bata members mandi like a child there..haha..finally we reach down at 5:28 and it was a 9 hours and 8 minute journey..huhu..let see the picture... :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

000hh Happy Day...haha

my foto taken by tey-pm22..thanks a lot..huhu..

New Balance Pacesetter 15k

finally-my sec medal for this year...sangat sukar u know thsi track..
i wanna be like all this kenyan's...haha..is it just a dream??haha..

captain LIm with klang member..also got new runner a368

with kurma man-abg mustafa

sunny pandamaran's runner-koyak already..haha

with rustam- good work bro

with the Bata's runner

albert and peter...sedapnye..nyum2..

with all the Pm members..

with ronnie-pm01(my idol wanna be)haha

wasted 4 sec by walking on this road and bitten by Dk..haha

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Reunion sekolah rendah..huhu..

haha..since 1997 we left the school..today we've meet each other..
have some fun...chit-chat together..
oohh happy day...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

taman tasik seri alam,pasir gudang,jb..

track yang cantik utk lari..tp ramai org..huhu

gambar journey training..

huh..kat tanjung mas,muar..

my 1st 24k training...

its is so tough and challenging..i never train for this 24k run before..running with the lim,albert,peter and runing mom,haza;give me so much experience and learning for me as a new runner..

i want to thank to all of them for encouraged me till finished this 24k..huh..

the track of this 24k is from sadium kota raja klang reach the bukit cherakah and urn back to he stadium..its very tough with about 6 or 7 hill especially when reach s.alam..

the last 3k is a damn worst thing..haha..with alot of cars and the light from the sun is taking off my spirit..luckily have peter;that always teach me to be patient and give some motivation for me to coninue..and finally im finished my training with walking..haha..

my timing is = 3:08:54 for this 24k..

for me its ok la..haha

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Journey Training..

its a difficult thing when i'm supposed to go trenin but my family still want me to follow them for a cousin weeding. so i have to plan the best way for get both..training and go weeding.

at first my plan going smoothly and im doing my trening at Tanjung Mas Muar.. it look like there is a famous track to run in muar..there have 1 loop with about 2km distance..i also meet two fellows runner who always do training there..chit chat abit then start running.

the next trenin im do in the taman tasik seri alam..there also have a good track but its compact with the family who want to just jalan2..and it make me not comfortable to run because afraid terlanggar the children..but im stilll run..

its hard to get the time when the weeding day is coming..so i miss a whole week trening for the 15k race next week..