Monday, April 16, 2007

The Brook Bonding's RUn

This brook bonding's run were held at Sabak Bernam where 2 hour from Klang, my hometown. I used to go there with my group leader Mr.Lim which give me a ride from Klang toward the Sabak Bernam.

We are move out from klang at 3 pm and reach Kuala Selangor to take a break while Mr Lim taken his lunch (huhu very busy man). After resting about 45 minute so we turned out and moving to Sabak Bernam. We're having a good chat where Mr. Lim sharing his experience with his 18 years runnning. Its good for me to know the running knowledge.

We reach Sabak BErnam at 5.30pm and try to find the place where the run were held. The place was so goood with the environtment. There are a river of Sabak which seperate the two state that is Selangor and Perak. I was very enjoy with the environment and feel more fresh with the fresy oxygen came from the village.

At the night, were taking our diner while watching Akademi Fantasia Concert and after that go to our rest house. The rest house was so hot so that we cannot sleep properly.

The next day, we wake up on 6 but other people were busy get their breakfast with their family. After take the breakfast we change our clothes and go to the starting point. There are alot of people stnby there to help for the event. They also very friendly and suportive so i can easily make myself confortable with the event.

The run were started by the president of the pace setters mr munning and were going to run. Many people running with their family so that i can feel the bonding was become closer. I run with Mr Lim together cross over the Rustam's family and taking few photos for them. That was a fresh running with the palm oil farm and the coconut tree, making all my tension go away.

After run for 9 km we end the run within 1:01:32 at the same place which we stared. The organizer give us free socks from the brooks company. There are also so many food provided including the speacial coconut water,fresh from the farm. I took the coconut 3 times same as rustam. He said that the coconut in KL was so expensive with Rm 2.50 per piece so thats why he took 3 times with no pay.

THen, the event continue with the lucky draw and prizes giving for the lucky number. We wait till the end of the event end finally reach out home at 12.40. There are a lot of experient that i get form this BB run that help me to realize and feel that 'running is not about the win'.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Larian Mesra Polis 200 Tahun

This is my second run for the 10k distance after the Larian gemilang UM. Early morning i decided to have a cup of milk with no food as my energy for the 10k running. Its because when i eating something on the KLIM run,a have a stomachedge a geting slower in my run.

I met my buddy run in UM and get to the KL police station at jalan Hang Tuah at 6.45.A bit late and we both rushin for the warm up but till 7.00 there still no sign to get at the startin point. when the announce tell the run start at 7.30 i fell better coz can have more time for warmup.

At 7.30 sharp, the run is begin. Im starting my with a slow pace as suggested by Mr DK and Mr Zulazlan(Pm43). After 10 minutes getting with the slow pace, i'm increase my speed level with the speed that i can maintain. My leg was very comfortable with the speed and supported with the Newbalance shoe.

Im waiting for the pit stop at 5k but there are no sign of it so i keep on running side by my buddy Mr Fazli. After reached the 5k pit stop i take my power gel to give suporting for my energy and i didn't feel tired.

My buddy and i take our own step after about 6k or 7k and were keep "potong-memotong" eachother. There are a 3 hills that make me feel tired and low my selfspirit but i keep thinking the positve way and try not to walk to achieve my target(not to walk in my 10k running).

Finally i'm finish my run with 59:43 and also achived my target!

Time: 59 min 43 sec
Average Pace: 5.68 pace/km
Average Speed: 10.1 km/hour