Wednesday, April 2, 2008


i think wanna take a break on running in April cause want to concentrate with my study and project..this is my final im become a fresh graduate next two month..if some one have a vacancy on electronic field please tell serching for job now..hehe :)


PR in KLIM-report

Haha..actually im not decide to run this big race but at the last minute i manage to start this race. This is because my seminar is end by 1pm on Saturday so I have time to go back home at klang.

Race Day.

I wake up late because I stay till the end of the AF concert and continue with the arsenal vs Bolton match..hahaha..just drink one cup of water then I drive to dataran merdeka with sleepy face..

Reach dataran at 6.00am..walk and walk..i found my new fren Ong and Lim from Kakithon UTM and chit chat abit..then, watch the half marathon start.. a few minute later see Nazib from pacemaker just arrive for the 1st loop and give him support..maybe one day I can pace with him..he so laju now..huhu

Then wait and wait till boring..then, made some easy run for 15 min and get into the cage..haha..meanwhile, the marathon champion just arrive..i see the Kenyan runner, very2 thin and run very2 fast..wah really great to see them at the finishing line..huhu

3 2 1 bang bang boom..then I stated to run in a steady pace..without the mood to pia I just run alone with no feeling..suddenly I found the BM leopard man and have a bit chat with them..manage to follow him pace then I drop off..still not to turn on and run..

From 200m I can see the Rambo shirt and I think I know this man..kejar punye kejar hehe..finally..halo syam..kekeke..terkejut dia..i pace with him along the race. He said that want to pace wit me but before 2k to finish he start to sayur me..ceh..laju betul..huhu I try not to loose syam and try to follow him backside..

Baru semangat want to chase him, my perut start the emergency button..arghhh krem plak..huhu..then I know I need to slow down..drop my pace..huhu..i just go easy for the last 2k and when I see the finish line my semangat come back and I manage to sayur 2-3 org…finally cross finish line and receive my card..but the man at the finshing line u punya number manyak lucky la 81..em?? then I see my bib no..its also M81..haha..

After changing clothes..see many frens and have chit chat about their so jealous to see lot of no of my fren run in full marathon..hmm then im think by myself..when my 1st full marathon??