Monday, February 25, 2008

Two medal in a week!!

Last weekend (23 & 24 Feb) was the tough week because I have two race in two continuous day which is Saturday and Sunday. So I plan to run the two race and get two medal in a row.

1 race: Sukan Olahraga UTeM (5K event)

On that day, from the schedule its show that I will run at 9am but after the adjustment by the organizer the time changing to 11.30am..what the hell to run 12 and a half round the track at that motivation was down and feel that I cannot tahan the heat..

I also losing my pacer for this event caused he is hit by the motorcycle and have the broken feel not very the good to finished this race with the good timing..

At the race, I started with a good starting and after few second I noticed that there is no one follow my back so I run alone. I run and run and feel very hot. After 4 round I lost my pace and run around 1:50 per lap..maintain the pace till the 9 lap and for the last two lap I increased the pace as I know I lost a lot of time.

Finally I finished the race with the 1st position but not satisfied with the time. But it still ok la since I have no challenger..

Timing = 22:37

2 race: C-Dex Run (UPM)

After push a bit yesterday, I feel tired when attend this race. Then I change my mind and focus that this is only 7k..i set in my mind and target just to get the medal..

I started the race with the slow pace and from back of the all runner..just follow the runner and try to practice negative split and maintain pace. Actually I can feel how to run negative split but I don’t know if I can handle it till the end. So I just focus and feel the run till I reach the end.

Overall I end the run with the 17 postiton with 31 min and gladly hear that all of us in top 20 position! (we = me 17th, fazli 12th, nazib 4th, sham 16th, kamarul 9th, meyyapan 3rd, hailmi 18th)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Central Training For SUA (Sukan Universiti Asia)-USM (3-9 Feb)

Arrive at usm at around 6pm plus the jam at the bridge. Check up at the RECSAM just 10min from the usm.

Morning-fartlek 30 min at field
Evening- Long run from stadium-RECSAM = 50 min
Night-Lecture about sport injury

Morning-150m speed x 10;200m recovery

Morning- diagnal run 30 min at field
Evening- rest
Night-Lecture about sport nutrision

Morning-20 min beach run
Evening- Long run from stadium gate2-gate1 2x = 40 min

Morning-Bleep test (fitness test)
Evening- 15min easy 10 stretching

Prepared to check out.10pm go back to melaka.

What I get: feel with coach which is very pressure.
2.what is easy run actually.
3.what level am i.
4.timing for selected to represent Malaysia University = 16 min
5.knowledge about the Elite Runner programmed and their scenario.

must train hard for easy too far for this but it is not impoosible to be a malaysian representer for asean university games.who knows rite.. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Current Progress

taken from mcmillan running calculator..

Taken from buckeye feature..really great logbook..