Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Race Completed 2007

what: Larian Gemilang Rakan Muda UM
timing: 1hour++

what: Larian Terowong Smart
timing: 1hour 30 minute++

what: KLIM 2007 (half-marathon)
timing: 2hour 49 minute

what: Larian Mesra Polis
timing: 59.43

what: Larian Power
timing: 1:04.38

What: Brooks Bonding Run
timing: 1:01.40

what: NB 15k
timing: 1:34.10

what: Penang Bridge 2007 (half-marathon)
timing: 2:40.53

what: Mizuno Wave Run
timing: 58:27

what: Klang Pacer Run
timing: 1:05.26

What: Subang Jaya 10k
timing: 55.52

what: Seremban Half
timing: 2:55++


-Ekiden Run
-Klava Metropolitan Relay
-Kuantan Relay

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kuantan Relay Result

Date : 16/12/2007
Time : 8.45am
Venue : Taman Rekreasi Gelora

Rank Team Timing
1) Kenyan(E151) - 44:17
2) Persatuan Olahraga Jerantut (E135) - 47:50
3) PDRM (Shaharudin- E128) - 49:04
4) Kuantan Pacesetters (E148) - 57:10
5) Temerloh Team (E131) - 57:56
6) Without Limit (KP-E123) - 58:34
7) My FRANS (E121)- 1:00:55
8) E156 - 1:01:38
9) E150 - 1:05:34
10) E155 - 1:06:10

KUantan Relay- Report

I supposed go with my university (UTeM) team by van but at the very2 last minute they told me that they are not going to this event due to management problem or what at 4 pm on the friday i took my motocycle poof go back to klang.

NExt day im waiting for carpool with sham at the bukit jalil stadium at we all gamble to go for this kuantan relay. after picking up farid and wafi at keramat, the journey start at 4pm.
we are using the genting road and take the LPT highway.

We arrived at kuantan on 8pm and round the city to find the hotel nearest from the starting line. actually the starting is not at the dewan jubli as we tought but they're starting at the IKIP college. after survey at the motel so we decide to stay at telok cempedak near the beach. its easy here to find food and it also just 2km from starting point. After carboloading, we go to sleep bacause all of us tired already.

Next day, we all wake up early in the morning at 5 pm. we taught that the race will start early so we rushing and go to the starting point at 6.45. we are suprise that there is nothing there except the banner wrote that " race start at 8pm!!" we all kena tipu with the organizer.

we meet with the KP and the Gang and together do straching and easy jog. i know that there must be a kelam kabut whent the organizer try to arrange the 5 runner position heading to their point. so i just duduk diam2 and just follow the say go her and one say go there. one say masuk bus ni and ine say no jgn naik.what ever la.

im reach the changing zone a 8am with heavy rain there.luckily my running way is just a flat road. im the 2nd runner and guest who with me..hehe..its KP tan..(last time at metro relay i kene potong dengan Kp) i set my target to cucur asap this man..
after waiting about 40 min then the 1st runner show up..its the kenyan..of course they win tinggal 4 placing lagi..
then the runner comes..i saw saiful coming and behind him was farid (my team).yes i can pace with kp say in my heart..

when farid want to give me the ribbon, it stuck with the long hair belongs to da laju i need to push hard to kejar him..i run run run..then i wonder why is kp makin lama main jauh..padahal my pace faster and about to used the noooose i know still a slow man and less experience..huhu..

then pasing the ribbon to nazib and i follow kp to give support to next runner..currently my team position is 7th and Kp's team is 6th..after go and check the runner posiiton there is no chance to change the position because it too far away..
we finish at 7 placing..

wafi and ida was very happy having their 15km easy jog for their recovery and enjoying the relay too..after finish the event we all go back with another happy experince and enjoyable relay..

team : My FrANS
position: 7th
my timing : 11min 43sec (PR! for 3k)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good or Bad news??

yesterday i go to cinema but that is not about that story..
my weight turn to 68kg and my height is 180cm..
is it a good or bad news?
Good news because i can go faster..or
bad news because i look like Lampu Jalan..hehe