Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Found the distance!!!

the hill part..
the small loop which i train interval

the big loop include the hill part..

haha..finally i found the way to measured the distance on the place where i used to run in melaka..i used the software of google earth to measured the distance..and this is the result:

Sunday, July 29, 2007


huhu..i just have a new schedule for my running but it look like me have to compact my time for all days..this sem i took about 20 credit our which means my weekdays full of clas from 9-5pm..what the bz sem ..huuhuu..so i just run for mon, wed,sat and sun..

The place which i run was at the Hutan Rekriasi Ayer Keroh and Dataran Sejarah..the place was quite nice but i couldn't measure the distance.. i wish i could have a gps to get the real dist..haha

I also just bought the new watch of adidas RS-100 model..same as show in the pm1 blog..and the price also same!!just rm 80..haha..im very lucky to have this watch and hope this watch can guide me to a better running..

last..the new me is just 68kg..when i stated running in march, my weight is 75kg..haha, now i know running also can be a slim machine...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Its a busy time..

pic of me affter get the medal on pbim

huhu..its been long time from the last post..im been very busy for the starting the new semester for my study in melaka..also the problem to find the time fro posting the latest news of me..

here in melaka, im still have no buddy that can encourage me for training..haha..and im start to be lazy..haha..

before i forgot i very sad for the last two result of my 21k...on my peneng bridge i finish on 2:40:53...got the cert and the medal but my leg got a bit injury on my knee..but it heal two days later..

last week i join the 21k for seremban international..also i got injury..huhu..i finished the run with 2:58:32..at the last 5k i couldnt run anymore so i just walk till the finishing line..huhu.i got the cert and the medal..