Monday, September 10, 2007

10k Mizuno wave Run

Huhu.. this track is quite familiar since I had run there for the NB15k..rushing for the toilet before start…sakit perut lah..haha

See many runners that familiar adan, syam, bata group form klang, the pace maker member and ramai lah..haha..just see them la not follow them..coz their pace too much different from me..hehe

I started the race pacing with Ferdinand, the new PM member..but after 5k cant see his face quite slow la..also meet din and have some chat with him..

The hills didn’t make me scare because of my previous experient..i run run run until reach my max limit..huuhu..finally finish the race below 1 hour..achieve my target..

My timing = 58:37 (26:44 at the 5km mark.)
Position = 325th

Need more hill training..huhu

Monday, September 3, 2007

KLang 12k

my timing = 65:26

pace = 5:27

distance = 12k (using my motorcycle)

another pr huhu..

the run was well organized but there no medical support to help runners..only scout was there..good water station with the air pancut..

KLang NB Run 4 It 12k