Monday, July 20, 2009

Rush Week!

em i thought want to start back to training this week and get higher mileage but planning and implementation is two different things. we can plan but to follow it thightly is very tough challenge.

I just have a 40 min negetive split train for this week. this week i need to increase my total week mileage

Friday, July 17, 2009


my current weight is now 70+. so i need to reduce my weigth in order not to give more tention to my leg. after 40 min train i felt like the increment of weight give so much tention to my leg. it hard for me to run faster. the most i can tahan is onlu on pace of 5:30. huhu how do i can get back my last endurance.anyway i already register for PBIM Full!!want or not i need to train at get higher mileage.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another phase in my life-->

Looking back and smiling for the im already in a new life..i dont think it took long time to get familiar with these new situation..just hope that my wife still support me on whatever that im doing..Between these three months there was nothing to talk about my running life instead of just looking all my frens out there preparing for their races and win alot of medals..i just can view and wish them good quite dissapointing to just see their achievement while i just sitting doing nothing..NOw hope can get back my stamina and look foward my aim of the year 2009...Road i come!