Monday, August 25, 2008

Seremban Half Marathon - PR!

Before race:-

On Saturday night depart from home and go to bangi which was Sham’s house. Sham pick me up on the UKM komuter and together with shahidan sleep on sham’s house. Thanks a lot for sham for providing accommodations for me..hehe.. Sunday morning, depart from sham’s house around 5 and reach the masjid at seremban on 5.40am. after solat, then changing baju all those things and gather with kamarul, omar and his father warm up just a little bit

Race time:-

Try to find all those gang that pia in this race and find out Lee foo kien and izam from andalas klang gang, haza, wafi ( give me very good tips to do sub 2hour..thanks!) and fellows runner. Start the race with a comfortable pace which was 6 min pace and I just run alone from back of the pack runner. The race is using the new road which is better for me than last year’s track. All the way the scenery was very refreshing and the hill was not so tough. The water station is good with two type of water and the refreshing station is just nice. I give this event 5 stars..hehe

Im very comfortable with the 6 min pace until reach 15 km marks. Means that 6 km need to go. This last 6 km told me that my training and mileage is not enough! i hardly struggle to finish this 6 km. event though I set the target to do the fartlek but it is not enough when ur kaki say cannot go anymore. I just drag of my leg without looking to the watch and still do the fartlek until my heart want to blow out..huhu.. last 400m when turn down from the hills in front of masjid I do my pia kau kau lat till the finishing line.

After race:-

After got my cert and medal I watch my hand and finally I realized that I do sub 2! Just by a few sec..hehe…but the suffering last 6 km still in my mind and remind me to train harder. After all I belasah 5 times conflakes and many cups milo. I went back with kamarul family ( thanks very much!)

Conclusion :-

5km = 29:06
10km = 1:04:23
21km = 1:59:13

Monday, August 18, 2008


Before race :–
go out from house about 6.30 coz I know it just take 10 min to dataran since I move already to rent house in kerinchi. Arrive at dataran and do some 15 min warm-up. Just go into the kandang with the ghost number..hahaha.. and meet fellow friends talk kok.

Race time :-
with no good expected target in this race since long time not entered race, the feeling to pia is there but looking back on the lack of training, so far I think sub 60 min in considered good for me. Start the race and find someone to cangkuk off.. and macam biasa all my friends potong sayur me and they are very fast right now, I wonder what kind of training that they run run..finally I saw my pacer already..guset who?? This ameba chan always following me..hehe am I perasan meh? Actually her pace is almost same like me and I try to main tarik2 (fartlek) all the way with her. Until jalan duta she left me out abou 200m I think and I realize that im cannot catch up with her anymore and just let her go and I go alone with my pace. Suddenly in front of lake garden saw adam who calling the wong kei ming and give some advice to him..actually i know this WKM is quite new but have strong leg which can steady go up hills. So I just follow him from back I cangkuk to him while he still didn’t notice me..haha.. what the fartlek .. until 200m to go and this is time that I like very2 much! Turbo time! Im hoping that WKM is following me and I say ‘come on kei ming’ then I just turbo-ing through him. I manage to clock in by 55:33 just 9 min cut off from previous run on the same road.

After race :-
quickly take the goodies and change because want to go back early to watch women Olympic marathon. After all the conclusion that I can make from this run is increase training and I learn how to fartlek in race but the thing is u must be strong enough!

TIMING = 55:23