Monday, June 11, 2007

aja- aja fighting...

Taman Metropolitan run..

huhu..actually this is the last long run that schedule in my training course..huhu..after that taking two week taper for my peneng half..
the track is bit tough at the first 1km..there have 5 hills that we have to run through..for the first 3 laps is ok but after that i have to push hard for the lap 5 i feel run so easy as kura2 pace..haha..
actually i want to do this timing:

1st two loop(3.65x2) = 49 minute(7:00pace)
2nd two loop(3.65x2) = 47:40 minute(6:50pace)
3rd two loop(3.65x2) = 46:30 minute (6:40pace)

but im doing this:

1st two loop = 46:32
2nd two loop = 40:45
3rd two loop = 54:58

haha..not really same..

my target for the peneng is actually in 6:40++ pace..huhu..hope can make it..fro my pr..hahaha..